Friday, April 29, 2011

Nexus S 2.3.4 update force install :)

In my previous blog I already provided the way by which you can install 2.3.3 on your Nexus S.

Its 2.3.4 now.

Google today announced Android 2.3.4 would be rolling out for the Samsung Nexus S in the coming weeks.

If you're a Samsung Nexus S owner, you can hit the link below -- download the update and install Android 2.3.4 manually. Here are your instructions:

Download the file from Google right here :

1. Place it on the root of your external storage

2. Shut down your phone, and reboot into the bootloader by holding volume up and powering back on

3. Use the volume buttons to choose "recovery" from the list, and select it with the power button

4. When you see the triangle on your screen, hold power and then press volume up and you'll have a list of options, choose the file to update

Wow you are done....
Now you can use Gtalk with voice and video right from your phone ;)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Intel is working on Honeycomb for tablets, expect smartphones within 12 months

It is no secret that Intel has been late to the ARM-dominated mobile industry, but the chip giant is looking to get in to the fight in a pair of big initiatives. The first is getting Honeycomb to run on various Atom tablets that could see Windows and even MeeGo as possible boot options alongside Android. Intel had enough clout with Google to get the Honeycomb source code, which still has not been released to the AOSP. Expect to see tablets with this setup later this year.

The second is to get Android up and running on smartphones with Intel chips. While we have seen tech demos before, there has not been a commercial release for an Intel-powered smartphone yet. Intel is hoping to change that within the next 12 months. Intel said that testing on the carriers' networks was the biggest holdup at this point.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Android Surpasses iOS Globally for First Time, already did in U.S.

Looks like today the numbers are finally in, again. This time it is something that was well, sort of expected. The Android train has been going ahead full steam for a long time now, and Q4 2010 and Q1 2011 has only got faster and stronger. According to InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile ad network, revealed its monthly network data analysis findings in its Mobile Insights Report: Global Edition March 2011. They are showing Android ad impression sales has now finally surpassed iOS Globally.

InMobi has the largest and most comprehensive report of its kind is based on data from the InMobi network which serves 31.9 billion monthly mobile advertising impressions to over 220 million consumers. This report now shows Android global ad impression share has surpassed iPhone OS for the first time. Although iPhone OS and Android both continue to capture share on a global basis, over the last few months Android growth has been increasing and has now surpassed that of iPhone OS.

They go on to mention that the global smartphone revolution has been going strong for a while, and with Android getting bigger and stronger in 2011 it is about to take the next step in its evolution. With varied price points and options, android devices are being an ever so popular tool for accessing data, replacing laptops and even desktop computers worldwide.

InMobi also goes on to mention the North American market. That it has increased around 50% in just the last 90 days, and that even though iOS had a successful boost with the Verizon iPhone and captured +9.7 share points. It was the first time they’ve grown more than Android in recent history, but it wasn’t enough and Android still has the lead.

Although iPhone OS enjoyed a boost with the Verizon launch, Android captured +4.0 share points and leads iPhone OS by 5.2 share points.

This all comes from the latest ad impression reports from InMobi, so take it as you will. We all can agree that Android has continued to grow into the beast that it is now, and the way things are starting to look there is NO slowing it down. Android will continue to surge worldwide as more and more adopt it. I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2011 holds for Android. We will be here right with you the entire way.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Toshiba Android tablet 'coming soon' at Best buy

With PC makers getting into the Android Tablet game, it is a given that Toshiba would give us their spin on a high-quality Android tablet. While this isn't the first time we've seen it on the web, the coming soon page at Best Buy's site is encouraging. When we first saw it in January at CES 2011, it was running Froyo, but the hardware and the fact that Toshiba let us know they had no plans to customize the OS got us the most excited.

The specs are just what you would expect for a high-end Honeycomb tablet:

Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor

10.1 inch High-definition wide view backlit LED display

2 MP front camera, 5 MP rear

Wireless b/g/n

HDMI out

One full size USB port, one mini-USB port (yes, the specs say mini-USB)

Android 3.0

We know from our time with it at CES that the display is 1280x800 at 16:10, and Toshiba's "resolution plus" will allow video upscaling on the device.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Andy Rubin: No 'one-size-fits-all solution'

Andy Rubin -- the father of Android --has taken to the Android Developer blog to shed a little light on what's happening regarding Honeycomb,any changes in Google's open-source policy, and fragmentation. The post is titled "I think I'm having a Gene Amdahl moment," referring to the former IBM exec who coined the phrase "fear, uncertainty and doubt" -- aka FUD. You'll definitely want to read the entire post, but we'll break it down here:

"We don’t believe in a 'one size fits all' solution. ... Quality and consistency continue to be top priorities."

"As always, device makers are free to modify Android to customize any range of features for Android devices."

"Our approach remains unchanged: there are no lock-downs or restrictions against customizing UIs. There are not, and never have been, any efforts to standardize the platform on any single chipset architecture."

"We continue to be an open source platform and will continue releasing source code when it is ready."

Again, those are just bullet points cherry picked by us. Read the entire post. And then take a deep breath and read it again. And while you might not like the answers -- or maybe you don't think really Rubin answered anything at all -- Rubin, and by extension Android and Google, did one thing we called for in last week's Android Central Podcast: cast a little transparency on what's been a bit of a murky period for Android's "open" nature.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This Months Top 5 Apps!

Hey there!
Starting today we are going to list down some of the best apps available on Android Market.
Hope it will help you to find the best application for your Device!

Facebook For Android stands on our number 5 this month. Facebook for Android provides its user with almost all of its website operations. You can chat with your friends online on Facebook, can send / accept friend request and much more. Best part. you can sync your Facebook contacts with your phone contacts. Which means all your Facebook friends will be available in your contact book.

On Number 4 we have Barcode Scanner. This application has been for quite sometime on the charts. It has earned its position because of its excellent capability to scan almost any kind of Bar codes available.
Comes very handy when you are exchanging contacts or buying applications from websites.

On Number 3 we have a treat for Deals loving eyes. :)
The Dealmap includes unique and hard-to-find deals submitted from feet on the street (they call them Deal Heroes) – people who love finding and sharing deals. With the Dealmap, you’ll find exclusive offers and discounts for up to 90% off local restaurants, entertainment, attractions, hotels, spas, salons and shops.


NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT one of best Car racing game for Android Mobiles,Get the most visual impressive and extreme Racing Game NEED FOR SPEED Shift on your Android Smartphone. The physics are very well done and fantastic graphics like real cars.Need for Speed Shift. The mobile game features 24 street and pro-racing events in locations such as Cichago, Dubai, Italy, and London. You need high end Android Device to enjoy the game fully,


On Number 1 we have the SPB Shell 3D. The best app for customizing you home on Android.
SPB introduce a new Home replacement Launcher app on Android Market called SPB Shell 3D: next generation user interface. With some sleek Animations (including weather and world clock widget) SPB 3D Shell look awesome.

Though the new SPB 3D Shell is a cool thing show off your Andorid Smartphone, it’s too expensive $14.95 to spend only for a Launcher app. Hopefully the price will go down soon like we saw before for other expensive app sales very slow.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easy Pocket Lite

How many times have we wished to know if there was a simplest tool available by which we could have managed our expenses?
Well for me it has been a million times :D yet there was no tool out there which could let me do so without having loads of pre configuration until i was forced to create Easy Pocket lite. Easy pocket application lets its user to starts adding his /her expenses right in the application, just like a diary. You dont have to put in all details about what all money you have in what all accounts and in what all banks!
Why should a pocket manager know about it?
Hence, this application eradicates all these stupid configuration and provides you a straight forward interface by which you can add your expenses. Application also supports notifications.
For example there are many times when you lend some money to someone and then both you and the other person forgets to return you back! Easy Pocket comes to help here too!
We have provided reminder option to you! Any amount added as a refundable amount is provided with expected refund date... hence you can see the notification popping up in your phone on that particular day!


With lots of more features to come... Easy Pocket is Free and will remain free .

Android Market Link :

Friday, April 1, 2011

Google tightening the reins on Android

Google apparently has changed its approval process for devices to use its software (that'd be Android), cracking down on the way the software is changed and how third-party partnerships will be handled, according to the folks at Bloomberg. Now, companies that want access to the latest version of Android will need approval of the things they want to do to it. And that approval will come from none other than Andy Rubin.

Google says it is going to tighten and enforce "non-fragmentation clauses," that intend to limit things like customization of the interface, and how manufacturers can partner with other services like Facebook or Microsoft. Bloomberg tells us that things have already gotten heated, with complaints to the U.S. Justice Department being lodged. There's also mention that Google has tried to hold back the release of devices on Verizon because they make use of the Bing services. Hello, HTC Merge,maybe that's why you disappeared for a while.

While I'm all for keeping crappy software away from hot, new devices like the Evo 3D,I'm certain that this doesn't mean the end of manufacturer skins. And it shouldn't -- many enjoy the extras that come with manufacturer enhanced user interfaces, and a bit of curation by Google should make for an easier upgrade path. But I fear this is going to greatly affect the release cycle of the source code for the AOSP project,and not for the better. We'll just have to wait and see how this develops.  -