Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sync and Backup For Free!!!

I have been always wondering if i could get some backing up solution which can help me to save and sync files between my computers and Mobile devices.

Above all i wanted all these photos and files to be PRIVATE!!! i don't want them to be saved on a remote server!!!

I believe this is a generic requirement and is applicable to every one out there!
  • Ever wondered how to backup photos from your Mobile phone in full resolution 
  • Wanted to synchronize files between your own computers
  • Wanted to share files between friends of HUGE size
  • Wanted the files to be secure
  • Wanted all the above for free for LIFETIME??
Simply follow the below

Install BitTorrent Sync :
Its available for all the platforms so you should be just fine

Steps of Setup:
  1. Install the application on all your devices
  2. Depending on the device (Mobile / Computer) you will get option to choose folder for Syncing/Sending/Backing up your files
  3. Once selected you will be provided a code.
  4. Simply enter the code in any other device you want to sync with
  5. You are Done!!!
  6. You can reffer to for more details of installation.

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