Monday, December 13, 2010

Andorid 2.3 Gingerbread

Hey there,
well it has been quite a news for everyone that Android has launched its new 2.3 code name Gingerbread.
had been looking around the updates we gonna get with this new OS update, thought about sharing some info's about the same...

There had been addition of couple of new kool features... like

SIP-based VoIP and NFC(Near Field Communicator)

Whats SIP-based VoIP?

SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) is a protocol which had been defined by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force).
Sip is majorly used to controll multimedia communication such as Voice or Video communication over IP also know as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).
Till 2.2 if you wish to develop application based on VoIP you had to implement SIP and VoIP stack on your own. Hence as we move with 2.3 the advantages of pre-implementations will always prove beneficial to the developers also to the users who are looking for some alternative in same domain.
With Sip based VoIP install in your new device you can directly make VoIP calls from your default calling application in Gingerbread.

NFC (Near Field Communications)

NFC is a short range high frequency wireless data communication technology, which enables user to communicate with any NDEF enabled devices, these devices can be posters, car locks or anything that you can imagine, to work with NFC you need to place your device in proximity of 10 cms. ie around 4 inches. With the addition of this new for of communication people now can extract information with more and more different kind of places/devices.

Well that was a quick update about what i came accross, yes there are LOT more in new Andorid,
I will be posting updates as soon as i find some time! :)

Hope you got to learn something new today!


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