Thursday, September 11, 2014

Google Hangouts - Voice Integration

Hey people!

Just yesterday Google announced integration of Google Voice and Google Hangouts under a single banner.
And today we found that they also released 2 new Applications

  1. Google Hangouts v2.3 (Google Play Link)
  2. Google Hangouts Dialer (Google Play Link)

Google Hangouts v2.3
Its a BEAUTIFUL application, with major UI enhancements.


Hangouts Dialer will simply land you up on Hangouts caller page

In case you are unable to download the application from Play Store, you can use the following links to download and play with these awesome apps.

Hangout Updated Version 2.3: Hosted Link

Hangout Dialler: Hosted Link

You can get more intesive details about the updates from Google Official channel blog

Happy Talking :)

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