Sunday, December 25, 2011

Transliteration Keyboard

Many of us who have capability to read and write out native language on our Android devices are unable to do so just because we are not comfortable with variety of keyboard layout for our languages.

Well it has been a problem for me... I had been wondering that if there was a way by which i could write Hindi on my android device.

So, i made it... :)

Use the above URL to download an application named UKeyboard.

How it works?
UKeyboard is a unique application which gives its user liberty to type on English keyboard and find suggestion in his / her native language.

Application support majority of languages including Russian and Chinese.

How to set it up?
1. Select your language.
Open the UKeyboard app and select the language you want to use your keyboard for.

2. Just like any keyboard. you need to allow it from your settings.

Settings -> Language & Input -> Check UKeyboard 

you are half way done...

Go to any text input field. -> press long click -> choose UKeyboard

That't it.
No type and enjoy.

Do remember, UKeyboard uses internet to fetch the correct relevant sugestions, hence 
1. It may be a little laggy
2. Do not use this when you need to type password / Credit card / Debit card info.


Pratim said...

Great work!! Nice :)
Just one query... Can we check whether device supports particular character set or not before allowing user to type in that language?

slash said...

मस्त.... आवडलं आपल्याला

ಜಿ ಎನ್ ಮೋಹನ್ said...

May i know the reciever also should have the same programme to read indic messages

Abhinava Srivastava said...

No you don't need this application on received end... but yes received should be having the font support of language in which you are sending the message.

ananta said...

great work with UKeyboard.
I want to use oriya fonts.
but android compatible oriya fonts ar not available , so how can i find it.
if not how to convert any oriya fonts to android compatible font.
Please reply at

Abhinava Srivastava said...

People using galaxy series phones use fontomizer to see their native fonts all over phone... cheers...

Anonymous said...

हे मी Ukeyboard वर type करून लिहित आहे . This application is very useful to explain our thoughts in mother toungue. I will rate this app 4 stars.
Full stop in indic languege apears with 1 space between last word and full stop.

Jimmy said...

hey, how does it actually works ? does it do on the go google translate or something else ?

Did u wrote api for it ?

Abhinava Srivastava said...

Hey Jimmy i am using Google translate api's

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhinava,

Thanks for the App, i'm using Samsung galaxy s2.
It was working fine on ginger bread, after I upgraded to ice cream sandwich the text renderin went bad. Now after I installed cyanogenmod9 custom ROM the fonts have disappeared totally...


Abhinava Srivastava said...

Hi Santosh,
The font support are provided by the OS itself.
As you said you are using Cyogenmod please use rom toolbox to change fonts.

Alternatively you can also use ROM manager and install fonts from there. :)

Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhinava,

I tried to install it with the apps... It was changing my global fonts. So I copied the font I wanted I'm the /system/fonts and added a piece of font include code in the fall back font XML. Now I can see the fonts but the rendering is broken...

Will update if I can fix that... I will also be glad if you or any other users can share the fix if they have already done it.

Thanks and cheers,

bhupal budhathoki said...

samsung mobil ma kasari nepali ma read garna sakne tarika kasari ho

bhupal budhathoki said...

samsung mobil ma kasari nepali ma read garna sakne tarika kasari ho

Fayas Muhammed K.T.P said...

Super keyboard. .. best transliterate app ever.. can u please add language change button in keyboard or add english along with any other language. And add numerical in the above row. Many thanks ....

Abhinava Srivastava said...

Thanks for writing and sending in your suggestions , you can change language at any point of time by long-press on 123 Button At the bottom. I will try to accommodate your second request (adding numbers) in future releases.

Krishnendu Chatterjee said...

I have been using it over 6 months. A small nifty app with amazing indic lang support. A bug...inserting space in address bar/ search box a problem. Cursor jumps few spaces to right . Hindi works fine, bengali not so.