Sunday, December 18, 2011

ICS update for Nexus S

Yes you heard it right....

Nexus S GSM phone update for Android 4.0 aka ICS(Iceream Sandwitch) is OUT...

Here's the method to get it.... ;D

1. Download this to your SD card of your phone. Link
2. Re-name it to update, and put it at root node in SD card.
3. Power off the device and then restart your phone with pressing volume up button.
4. Select recovery and press power button
5. Once the triangle appears, press power key and press volume up button.
6. Select the apply from sd card and choose
7. Once done simply reboot.

Congratulations you are new ICS owner.


vkapur89 said...

hi abhinav. thanks for the update..
however is it necessary for me root my phone before i update it (i know dumb question) but i have been able to see a root folder when using quick folder apps and would i be able to access or copy files into it??

Abhinava Srivastava said...

Nopes.. this is a OTA update which you'll be installing by your own... No need to root! and dont worry it will not root your device, hence you'll be having your warranty :)