Friday, December 9, 2011

Printing Docs from phone.

Did you ever wanted some freaky way by which you could just print some documents / pictures right away from your mobile.
Google recently announced its new service known as Google Cloud Print.

Google cloud print is a service which gives you liberty to use and share your printer in a more efficient way.
All you need is
1. A computer with Google chrome*
2. Make sure you have Microsoft XML paper specification pack installed in your system.
3. A printer
4. Internet

* In case your printer is a not having cloud support (Which we all usually dont have in our home printers)

Now if you got all these all you need to do is
1. Setup normal printing environment for yourself.
2. Open google chrome and look for an option Google Cloud Print under the "Under the Hood/ Bonnet" tab in Option menu.
3. Sign in with you Google account.

Note: you can visit Google Cloud Print Help page for more details on configuring.

Once done.. you are ready to roll...
You can now use your android, iphone any smart phone to print Images / Documents right from your mobile.
Not only this you can print from any computer around the word.
Just open the url and click on the Print button.
Add your file that you want to print.

In case the internet is not available or printer is not connected. The print job will be saved on the cloud and completed when the printing conditions are met :)

Hope you will take some good advantages of this tech.


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