Friday, November 25, 2011

Treat for Tester friends :)

Testing is one of the most critical aspect of any application development.
So, Here is something for all my tester friends who are in high need of some image capture too for android.

I have attached two files and Abhi.bat,

All you have to do is to add these files in your exsisting tools folder of Android-sdk

and run abhi.bat


well ..good question :)
It ask you some basic params like (How many snapshots you want to take and where you want to save)
Remeber 1 snapshot = 1sec so if you want to record your application on device you can simply start the abhi.bat with 500 value and it will keep on taking the snaps.

By default it will create capture folder in your D drive and if this folder already exsists it will override that folder (so do remember to take backups )

You can terminate the application t any point of time my simply closing thw window opened by this bat. :) 

Hope it comes use full   :)


Pratim said...

Very good work!!
Try giving the option to slow down the capture speed.
AND keep doing such helpful work ... :P:P

Abhinava's Blog said...

hmm that's a good idea will also ask for capture speed.