Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Android Marketplace and Google Music...

A really awesome development has been done on the android Market place and Google Music.....

New in Marketplace: Sick of boring web based marketplace for Android? Here you get a new Web Based Marketplace...

Recent updates include:

1. Users device history (Knows what all devices you have hence easy to find applications for all the devices )
2. Over the air installation on your phone (you can install an application on your Android device just by clicking on the link online on web based marketplace).
3. Search in Android Market.

What is Google Music: Google recently acquired a company called "Simplified Media" so now you can sync up all your media @ your home PC with the Android phone, thus no need to keep the songs everywhere you wanna listen .. all you need is INTERNET :D
You can browse up in your homes System songs library and play the song from the device itself.

For more detailed demo you can check out the Video... :)

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