Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Integrating Google Talk on your Eclipse :)

Hi There,
I might be last person to find out this but thought worth sharing how you can integrate your favorite Gtalk or any other chat client to your workspace on Eclipse . :)

So all my developer friends this one is for you.

All you need is
1. Eclipse (You already probably must be working on it)
2. Plugin

  • In Eclipse, choose Help -> Install New Software...

  • Click on the Add button on the right.

  • Type in a Name in the textbox. For example, type: ECF 3.5.1.

  • Paste the following URL into the Location field.

  • Click OK.

  • Select the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) check box. NOTE: This check box will result in including 5 sub-items. If you deselect the 'Group Items by Category' check box in the lower part of the install manager dialog, several more options for ECF components will be made visible and available to install.
    1. ECF Filetransfer Patch for Eclipse
    2. ECF Target Components for Eclipse
    3. ECF Remote Services Target Components
    4. Source for ECF Filetransfer Patch for Eclipse
    5. Source for ECF Target Components

  • Click on Next.

  • Follow through the remaining dialogs to complete the installation.

  • After you have completed your plugin installation:

    • Click on File -> New -> Other -> Connecion -> XMPPS (For Google talk)
    • Fill in your username and password (<user-name>
    • Connect.
    You might need to see your contacts and messages after this.

    • Go to Window -> Show View -> Other -> Communication -> Contacts
    • Double click on contact to start chatting :)
    Lemme know if you get stuck...

    PS: Your company should not have blocked GTalk 


    Jann said...

    The link for Plugin download is not working as I guess it may be obsolete. How do you think about Gtalk Plugin?
    Here's the link:

    Ankur said...

    Use the current download link from here: