Monday, November 4, 2013

Setup Android Studio On Ubuntu 13.10

Android Studio is still in its early development days. Hence, it's still not completely polished.

Yet again its one of the most powerful tools out there in the market which can be very useful if you start using them :D

At this point of time if you want to start Android Studio, you need to run a shell file every time, which no doubt is not so user friendly and may become frustrating as you always have a Terminal window associated to it, resulting multiple open windows on your desktop.

In my previous post i told you guys how to setup android and other things on Ubuntu system (Including java)

In this post ill try to help you setup Android Studio.

Just follow below:

  1. Start Terminal
  2. $ sudo -i (It will ask for password)
  3. cd /usr/share/applications
  4. nano AndroidStudio.desktop
  5. Enter following  in the file
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Android Studio

That's it !! you are done!

Now simply go in your Applications you will find Android Studio application which you can click and start anytime you like. You can also drag it down to quick launcher.

Hope it helped!


Android Dev said...

Nice, I much prefer this IDE to Eclipse.

Abhinava Srivastava said...

I totally agree with you .. :)
Yet again, there are various features which are quite buggy here... so you do need to keep eclipse around