Friday, January 28, 2011

Blackberry wants to run Android Apps on its PlayBook?

There had been a rumor around the TECHHY world about blackberry, that its looking forward to run Android apps on its PlayBook.
Of-course after a huge success of a open source (Android) everyone wants to get a piece of it...
RIM (Research in Motion) is now shifting towards new OS which will be using a new JVM, now this Java VM will be something they will be using for their legacy apps, as they have not yet decided fro which Java VM should they go for, they are also thinking about considering DVM (Dalvik Virtual Machine used by Android OS) for RIM's new OS.
This will certainly open a whole new dimension for Blackberry, as they will be able to launch Android Apps on their OS too..
Also it will be a good news to all Android developers as the market is gonna go up for Android developers.. since they need not re-write the codes for Android and Blackberry seperately..

Yet still its a rumor and i am really not sure about how RIM guys gonna implement this on their devices...
but its sure.. if it is going to work.. its going to be great for RIM..

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