Thursday, March 10, 2011

Android is outselling Iphones says Tesco

have surpassed those of Apple Iphones for the first time at Tesco, the mega-mart has announced.
The devourer of greenfield sites says it is seeing a huge switch in customer demand. Iphones had been outselling Android handsets two-to-one before Christmas but now phones running the open source OS are racing past Steve Jobs' creation. January saw the two neck and neck and February saw Android overtake.
Graham Harris, CEO of Tesco Telecoms and Tesco Mobile said, "As one of the UK's leading operators, these sales are a useful barometer for smartphone trends. There is a lot of choice in the market and as a result consumers are driving healthy competition between rival operating systems."
Showing once again that Apple produces premium priced products for a small sector of the market only, Tesco Mobile said that the rise of Android smartphones is due to their affordability.
To drive home the point about Android growing fast, Tesco Mobile also said that its sales trend "underpins recent statistics released by industry analysts Gartner". Those statistics say that Android sales grew by nearly 900 per cent from 2009 and that 67.2 million Android-based units were sold in 2010.

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