Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Android 4.1.1 Update for All GSM Galaxy Nexus

Yeah we all had been waiting for our official release of Jelly Beans...

With the Jelly Beans source floating around it was highly expected that the updates will be coming up super soon.

So here it is ... we just recieved two updates (Official Updates) from Google.


Unfortunately you don't get option to update your device. Well its not same with people who already have patched and have been using 4.1 from my previous posts.

I'll help you get the latest updates with a both the devices. (With the Patches and Without the Patch)

Lets start (For users with nothing fancy in their phone i.e their phone is still running stock ICS)  :

1. You need to install CWM recovery. (Don't worry this will be erased as soon as you update your device to latest version. )
2. Follow the link upto step 2. There is no need to do step 3.
3. Now start your device and copy the relevant zip ion your SD card. (Check in settings to know which zip should you download. )
4. In case you want to change your build version. Please follow this link (We have installed TAKAJU) and then install custom recovery from step 2 again.
5. Now follow these steps

  • Copy the zip to Device.

  • Switch off your device 

  • Start your Phone by pressing Volume Up + Volume Down + Power

  • You device should start in bootloader mode.

  • Use Volume up and Down to navigate for Recovery Mode

  • Press Power button to go into recovery 

  • Select Install zip from Sdcard 
  • 6. Restart the phone.

    Now for the users who already are using Jelly Beans 4.1
    Download the file on your computer. (People who have used my previous posts to update their phones need to use takju-JRO03C-from-JRN84D.)

    Use following commands

    1. adb reboot bootloader
    2. Choose recovery mode
    3. You will see an exclamation mark on screen with android logo press and hold Volume up and Power button for approximately 10 secs.
    4. You will see a recovery screen 
    5. Choose option update using adb
    6. adb sideload Downloads\
    That's it. 

    Once done you will be running on 4.1.1 version of Android OS.

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