Monday, July 2, 2012

Jelly Beans on Your Galaxy Nexus


So many of you have been waiting to see this :)

Here is a step by step guide to install latest and greatest of Google Product on your Galaxy Nexus.

Before you starts with your sleaves up lets walkthrough with stuffs that gonna happen to your phone...

  • Will flash your device and Install Google Takaju 
    • Why you need that? Because the update has been released for this version only...
  • We will Root our device
  • Install the new Update
    • The root access will not be available to you anymore, so you phone will be as good as new.

So lets start 

Step 1 Flashing TAKAJU
Please refer to 

Step 2 Rooting Your Device
Please refer to

Step 3 Installing Jelly Beans

  • Download the Jelly Beans Update from here
  • Copy it to SD CARD
  • Shutdown your phone
  • Press Volume Up + Volume Down and Power button together
  • Navigate to recovery using Volume buttons
  • Select Recovery using Power Button
  • Select install zip from sdcard
  • choose the downloaded file in sdcard
  • reboot
That's it.. Now your Phone has latest and Greatest Android 4.1 OS.



Anonymous said...

Is this one is a stock ROM ?

Abhinava Srivastava said...

Yeah now you have a Official update.

Antonio said...

Also, the model is "takju", not "takaju"

Anonymous said...

umm do u have to unlock the bootloader and will you still get the ota update?

Abhinava Srivastava said...

My bad... :)

Abhinava Srivastava said...

Yes you need to unlock the boot loader... you cannot install custom recovery without unlocking the boot loader... but anyways you are going to lock the boot loader once your installation is done... and yes you will still get ota