Monday, March 4, 2013

Expense Tracker

Hey All,

It has been quite sometime we did any fun stuff.
Well have been busy with lots of things.. practically SUPER LOTS ...

Anyways, will tell you about those some other time.

Today announcing a new app in market named as Expense Tracker.

Well, its not exactly a new concept and its not like i haven't rolled something similar before. If any of you remember i did roll out an application for devices up to 2.3 a similar application named as Easy Pocket Lite.

The new application is based on rich android UI deisgn following HOLO theme application helps you manage your expenses in a really easy and quick way. It has almost zero setup time.

All you need to do is to go to settings -> Enter your monthly amount (Something like your salary) -> Enter your currency. AND YOU ARE DONE :

Every time you want to add a transaction simply click on   + and follow a very minimal steps to add in the transactions.

You can also view your transactions in multiple ways.

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steve tough said...

thanks for sharing us such a valuable information. keep it up.
Expense Reporting and Tracking System